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    Over the past three months, my team and I have been engaging with Londoners across the city. We have heard about the stark challenges our city faces: challenges with housing affordability, mental health and addictions, homelessness, and the state of downtown. We have also heard how much Londoners value our public spaces, our recreational programming, and the public services the city of London provides. Finally, we heard about the tremendous opportunities we need to seize to take London to the next level and grow a better quality of life for all who live here. 

    My diverse and talented core campaign team has been working to pull this feedback together and develop tangible and achievable actions. This was a genuine collaborative process and each of them has helped craft and shape this document for the better.

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    To Londoners: This document is a culmination of your input, your feedback, your perspectives, and it is our collective vision for the city of London.

    This plan is ambitious, it will require the full effort of Council and numerous partner organizations.
    As the Deputy Mayor, a former Budget Chair, and a Board member of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, I have the experience to start this work on Day 1. 

    I know how the city works, I have the relationships with our Provincial and Federal partners, and I have a track record of bringing people together and getting results. 

    Let’s get started!


    To download a PDF of our Campaign Platform, click here.


    To have your voice heard, please reach out to [email protected]

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Josh Morgan

Josh Morgan