I have worked hard to represent you over the past four years and my record shows that I make and keep my promises.
My Record:
      • Lowered residential property tax increases
      • Lowered the corporate tax ratio
      • Supported sound fiscal management policies (debt is down,    reserves are up).
      • Supported significant safety improvements in school zones (speed reductions, new pedestrian
         crossings, new pavement and street markers, new pathway and pedestrian connections / cycling
         infrastructure, fostered new School Travel Planning committees and supported parent groups)
      • Brought in new tools to engage and empower residents to shape their own communities
         (Neighbourhood Decision Making, small events fund, more community movie nights, city
         equipment lending program, helped foster new community associations, groups, and
      • Respected the Office of Councillor and represented our community with honesty and integrity.
      • Challenged the political and administrative leadership when it was warranted.
      • Ensured Council, the people's elected representatives, have the final decision on Senior
         Administrative Appointments.
      • Fought to help residents living in new and unassumed subdivisions by directing changes to how
         the City manages subdivision agreements and service provision in new neighbourhoods.


Fighting for Lower Property Taxes and Proactive Fiscal Management

      • As a homeowner and father of three, I know that families cannot afford unreasonable tax increases.  
      • I believe in keeping tax increases low and getting value for money spent.

      • I twice moved and passed motions to lower residential property tax increases (down to 1.1% in
         2017 and 1.3% in 2018).
      • I moved and passed a motion to direct the City Manager to find $4,000,000 of savings in the
         budget. To date, $3,000,000 in permanent annual savings has been found.
      • I supported and assigned targets to service review (zero-based budgeting, lean six-sigma, audits)
      • I was a leader in implementing London’s first multi-year budget. The multi-year budget and
         fiscal plan has led to:
             • An average residential tax increase of 1.53% (2019, 2017, 2018)
             • A reduction in debt levels of 9.6% or $31.9 million (2015-2017)
             • An increase in reserve fund balances of 20.7% or $77 million (2015-2017)
             • A decrease in debt servicing costs of over $1 million annually
             • An increase in funding towards addressing the infrastructure gap and life-cycle renewal
      • I moved and passed two permanent reductions in the corporate tax ratios to provide relief to
         London’s job creators.

Moving Forward:
      • I will continue to advocate for low property taxes, value for your money spent, and responsible
        management of tax dollars.  

Safer School Communities

      • I understand the importance of safe communities and safe school zones.

      • Our school communities are safer than they were four years ago.
      • I have supported significant safety improvements in school zones including:
             • Speed limit reductions
             • New pedestrian crossings
             • New pavement and street markers
      • New pathway and pedestrian connections
      • Fostered and participated in new School Travel Plan committees
      • Supported and participated in the activities of Parent/School Councils
      • Park pathways near schools are now being plowed in the winter.

Moving Forward:
      • I will continue to work with School Boards, School Administrators, Parents Councils, and area
         residents to build on the successes of last term.
      • I will push for monitoring and measurement of school safety initiatives and make improvements
         where needed.
      • I will investigate the costs of improving and prioritizing snow removal on school walking routes.

Improved Winter Maintenance & Snow Removal

      • Based on the significant feedback from residents, I believe that enhancements to the City’s
         Winter Maintenance program are needed.

      • I pushed for and supported previous improvements including clearing park paths and pedestrian

Moving Forward:
      • I support investigating the cost of lowering the standard for sidewalk snow removal from 8cm to 5cm.
      • I will support the prioritization of school walking routes for sidewalk snow removal
      • I support making improvements to the service levels to residential streets and cul-de-sacs by
         investigating the costs of purchasing new equipment that can better deal with
         heavy/consecutive snow falls

A New Multi-Million Dollar Investing in our Parks and Public Spaces

      • I am dedicated to vibrant, well-serviced community recreational spaces in Ward 7   

      • I supported resident engagement in the design and creation of new park spaces
      • I have worked with the Hyde Park BIA to establish a new Park at the Stormwater Management
        Pond north of Hyde Park Rd and Gainsborough.
      • I moved a motion allowing food trucks in and around many City Parks and spaces.    

Moving Forward:
      • I am proposing a new, one time multi-million dollar capital investment in City of London Parks to
        repair aging infrastructure sooner and add features that local residents want and need.

      • I will support raising the budget for newly created parks so they will include more features for
         area residents.
      • I will ensure the new Parks and Recreation Master Plan is adequately funded to meet the needs of
         Ward 7 residents.


Empowering Residents & Improving Engagement

      • I am dedicated to empowering residents to have a great say in shaping their communities. 

      • I established and supported neighbourhood initiatives that give residents the tools and capacity
         to participate in municipal decision-making and shape their neighbourhoods.  
      • Brought in Neighborhood Decision Making which has fostered hundreds of community-generated
         ideas that a voted on by residents of any age.  Over $250,000 per year is invested to making
         the top ideas a reality.
      • Doubled the capacity for neighbourhood movie nights in our Parks.
      • Supported the creation of the Neighbourhood Small Events Fund.
      • I have pushed for more consultation and engagement opportunities in the budget process and
        new tools to report municipal performance to residents.

Moving Forward:
      • I support growing the Neighborhood Decision Making program and the Small Events Fund.
      • I support enhancing the Equipment Lending Program and making it available to a wider range of groups.
      • I support investigating the costs of purchasing smaller versions of the City’s Thirst mobile to be
        used at community run events.

Better Roads that Work for You

      • I know that the quality and functionality of our roads networks needs improvements.

      • I have supported the completion of the Hyde Park Road Expansion
      • I pushed for the reconstruction of residential roads including North Routledge Rd, Blackacres Blvd, Limberlost Rd, Louise and Taplow Pedestrian connections.
      • I pushed for a safe crossing point along Quarrier Rd in Sunningdale (at Callingham Dr.)
      • I supported the Hyde Park community’s call for a Traffic light at Hyde Park and South Carriage and convinced Council to install it (Spring 2019)

Moving Forward:
      • I will continue to support improvements to the intersection of Hyde Park Rd and Sunningdale Rd
      • I will support the widening of Sunningdale Road